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Hydromagnetic System

Hydromagnetic System

$4,995.00 Regular Price
$3,995.00Sale Price
The Hydromagnetic System removes sediment, chemicals, and other impurities from your whole house's water supply, eliminating bad tastes and odors, while leaving beneficial minerals untouched. Since your water is purified before it enters your house, it also protects your plumbing, and eliminates scale on your pipes and dishes.

Compared to our Ion System, the Hydromagnetic System is much easier to maintain because it doesn't use salt bags. The resulting water has less sodium content, making it better for low-sodium diets and for plants.

This system purifies the water supply for an entire house. We also sell single-faucet systems.
  • Details

    Maintenance: every 7-10 years. The filter must be replaced every 7-10 years, depending on usage. Other forms of maintenance, like cleaning the unit, are unnecessary because our system is designed to leave chlorine in the water until the final stage of filtration, allowing it to continuously disinfect the unit.

    Protected by our 25 year limited warranty.
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