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Carbon Water Purifier

Carbon Water Purifier

The Carbon Purifier uses a filter to remove impurities from your drinking water. The purifier's thorough process eliminates bad tastes and odors in the water and anything you cook with it, results in clearer ice, and stops the buildup of scale, while leaving beneficial minerals untouched. It employs the same filters as our higher-end systems, while cutting costs and increasing throughput by leaving out the reverse osmosis membrane.

You can access our help section for instructions on installing or servicing this system yourself.

Compared to our Reverse Osmosis systems, the Carbon Purifier is faster and more efficient, but doesn't purify the water as thoroughly. We recommend it for large offices and other environments where water is consumed quickly.

This compact system fits under your kitchen sink and purifies water for one faucet. We also sell whole-house systems.
  • Details

    Removes sediments, chemicals, and other impurities.

    Leaves minerals in the water, making it healthier to drink.

    Maximum flow rate: 1440 gallons/day purified, no water wasted.

    Extra tanks can be added on for increased storage capacity. This allows the system to build up a larger cache of purified water while it isn't being used.

    Maintenance: every 2 years. The carbon filter must be replaced every two years. Other forms of maintenance, like cleaning the unit, are unnecessary because our system is designed to leave chlorine in the water until the final stage of filtration, allowing it to continuously disinfect the unit.

    Warranty Protected by our 5 year limited warranty.
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