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Water Purification Health Facts


What comes out of your faucet when you turn on the water? It may look like water, but there's a lot there that you can't see. Various sediments, chemicals, minerals, and lifeforms are all blended into your drinking water. While that water passes certain health standards, it can still smell and taste atrocious.


Among the many advantages of water purification, it has been shown to improve the taste, odor, and even appearance of tap water.​ Drinking it is more pleasant, and ice cubes will look clearer. It feels better on the skin. Even if you don't drink it, but cook in it, you can still taste the difference.



While most impurities reduce the quality of drinking water, mineral consumption is required for a healthy diet. Leaving minerals in the water makes it less acidic, which is better for your teeth and digestive system, and it tastes softer. Most reverse osmosis systems remove minerals, but our CTA Water Purifier leaves them intact. They are also left in by our Carbon Filter and our Whole House Systems.

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